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Why Multiple Intelligence Matter in Our Classroom

Why Multiple Intelligence Matter in Our Classroom
Back to school is always a very busy time in our household.  My husband and I both teachers, so not am I getting ready to head back to school, but so is he.  Throw in the changes of teachers at preschool and things get downright crazy in our house! I love being married to another teacher- we share stories, sympathize with each other, humble each other, and build each other up.  It is truly an amazing dynamic in our relationship.

This year is a year of growth for my husband.  He is moving schools for the first time in 8 years, moving away from the school he started at and moving to a school much closer to home.  As I waited for him to come home today, I was eager to hear all about his new day at a new school. When he walked in the door, I badgered him with questions- “How was it? Did you meet all your coworkers? Do they seem nice? Are you so glad you moved?” The barrage of questions was endless.

A few things to know about my husband…
  1.  He is a PE teacher- more on this later in another post
  2. He LOVES team building activities and in his old building was also responsible for coming up with the team builder
  3. He is a man of few words unless he is passionate about something- like team builders, football, or Game of Thrones.

One of the many questions that I promptly asked was, “How was the team builder?” There were a few seconds of silence, followed by “Um… just okay…we had to create something”.
Wait…WHAT?!?! Hold the phone! The man who LOVES team builders…the staff member who is excitedly jumping up while the rest of us of either groaning or trying to run to the bathroom to avoid the team builder, was disappointed today? It made no sense to me, until I replayed in my mind what he had just said- We had to create something.
Within that 6 letter c word laid everything I needed to know about why my team builder loving husband came back from his first day of work disappointed.  You see, the 4th thing you should know about him is that he does not find himself creative in any way, shape, or form.

Back to our Classrooms
This immediately sent my head spinning as I thought about all the children that will be walking into my classroom in about a week.  This also made me think about all of the ice breakers and activities we would be doing- making a heart map, coloring about me pictures, drawing and labeling our families.  Then I realized, my kids would be creating things all day long.  But what about my physical kiddos? My kiddos that just like my husband are excited to talk about themselves but don’t love the idea of creating something because they don’t see themselves as artists? Those kids are going to go home disappointed that they had to create All. Day. Long.

In an instant, I was automatically assessing all of the different activities that I could be doing in my classroom to meet the preferred learning styles of all my kids.  Yes, we can create a few things, but what about my kids who are verbal and just want to have conversation?  Or my intrapersonal kiddos who need to connect with others to find their space within our classroom?  As we head back to school, I clearly needed a reminder about those 8 multiple intelligences that we are so familiar with as teachers. I need this reminder so that every kiddo that walks into my classroom knows after the first day of school that I am committed to meeting them where they are at and providing ways to help them grow within their abilities, talents, and passions.

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Going back to my conversation with my husband… I eventually asked, “Did you not like the skill builder because you had to create something?” and he replied, “Yes! I was hoping that it would be more of like a team thing…”

Ahh- thank you husband for the gentle reminder that not every kiddo loves to create, my collection of kiddos with different needs and personalities are thankful.
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