Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Writing Center

I am so excited to set up my Christmas writing center this year in my classroom!  I finally have a corner that is just for our writing needs.  We have a shelf that has all our resources, fun paper, supplies, and anchor charts for learning.  The beauty of having this space means getting to switch out the materials for holidays and other celebrations that are coming up.  Leading up to Grandparent's Day, we had letter writing supplies so that the students could write letter.  On Wednesday, I am excited to roll out our Christmas writing center!  I had so much fun creating our writing center that I just had to share before everything goes out on December 1st!

Christmas Word Boards
My writing center will have two word boards for Christmas.  I love the word boards because it is an easy way to build vocabulary and help students use topic related words within their writing.  The 2 Christmas related word boards are "Christmas Words" and "At Santa's House".  I hope that these will be helpful for my kids as they are writing letters, stories, and narratives about all their Christmas adventures.

Christmas Themed Paper
I also spent some time creating several different Christmas themed paper options for my students to use.  They love when they get to write on "special paper".  They also love coloring the boarders and pictures when they are done to add their own person style.  I am so excited to see these special themed papers become wonderful works of writing.

Christmas Writing Task Cards
I am perhaps the most excited about the Christmas Writing Task Cards I have created for our writing center.  I have made 30 cards with various writing prompts on them to help my students brainstorm ideas.  They cover all genres of writing, and include create topics like "Design new technology for Santa's sleigh" to informative topics like "how do you take care of Santa's reindeer".  I am thinking that these cards will live in the writing center and serve as an idea starter for my kids during our literacy centers.  However, they could very easily be used for quick writes or journal prompts too!

I am so excited to integrate my new Merry Christmas Writing Center into my classroom starting December 1.  You can add it to your classroom by checking it out my TPT store:

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