Saturday, September 10, 2016

Practicing CVC Words in Daily 5 Word Work

I am so excited that my first graders will start Word Work next week! We use The Daily 5, so we have been slowly building our stamina in different activities for the kids to do during our reading block.  What is challenging about this is that we have a curriculum for phonics, so I have to find a balance between using our phonics program and providing other hands on activities for the kids to do.  I am excited to have several different activities for my kids to work on throughout the week to help them master their CVC words.

CVC Go Fish and Memory Game
What I love about this game is that most kids already know how to play Go Fish or Memory, the prep is easy-print, cut, laminate, and go, and I can get double mileage out of one set of cards!  Students can use the same set of cards for both Go Fish and for Memory.  To make a match the students match up a CVC printed word with the matching CVC picture.  I am teaching students how to play both games, partnering them up, and letting them decide what game they would like to play.

Build the Word
These cards are by far my favorites! Each card has a CVC picture and then 3 sound boxes to allow students to build the word.  The sound boxes are big enough for yellow letter tiles or magnetic letters.  My hands on kids who need manipulatives love to build the words, and it is a little more structured then letting them free build with the magnetic letters. For my visual kiddos, the card visuals are a great way to connect a picture to a printed word.

Missing Sound
This activity is similar to build the word, but instead of making the entire word, students are filling in one missing sound. I use this activity at the beginning of the week, while we are still learning about CVC words and students need to practice identifying each sound one at a time. I put the correct missing letter on the back of the card so that students can self-check their work.  I laminate my cards and let students use a washable marker or dry erase marker on their cards, but the cards also work with letter tiles, magnet letters, and clothes pins.  I keep this activity on hand too for kids that are struggling with CVC words throughout the week.  It allows them to experience success while still practicing hearing all the sounds, and they can have a picture to print card to help them learn to identify and spell these different words.

Friday is my “game” day, and this will be the game I am using this Friday to help my kids.  I am fortunate to have my TA during my reading block.  She will be the caller for the game.  As she calls, the kids will be looking for the printed words. I love that this activity is helping the kids practice reading all the sounds in the word, because some of the words are visually similar, example, pet and pit.  By Friday, my kids will have spent 5 days practicing their CVC words, so reading the words will hopefully come easy.

Read a Word File Folder Game
I love file folder games! My kids love file folder games.  After they learn about how to use and take care of our file folder games they beg me to play them! I love this game because players travel through the game board and take turns reading different CVC words.  I have my kids play this game with me or our TA a few times but then set it out for them to play on their own once they have mastered it.  I do wait until the end of the week to roll this game out because it requires the players to check each other.  I want to make sure that they have practiced CVC words enough, and that they understand what that means before they begin playing this game.

I am so excited for my kids to use all of these activities this week! We are going to have a great week learning about Daily 5 Word Work and CVC words.  Check out my TPT store for all of these activities and more.

Happy Teaching!
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