Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Welcome to Writing Workshop

Welcome to Writing Workshop

Before I started teaching, while I was going through my teacher prep program, I knew that I wanted to use writing workshop in my classroom. I loved the idea that kids were writing for the majority of the time, I loved the idea of conferencing with students, and students having choice. I still love these things about WW, but I found out quickly that it takes practice and planning to get a workshop effectively up and going.

The first place that I started as a teacher was to think about how did I want my students using our time in writing workshop? We have 60 minutes and I knew I wanted my children writing for most of that time, over 30 minutes. That's a high demand for your kids! The key to achieving this, was to provide them with an understanding of all the ways writers write (that post is coming soon) and time to write everyday!  I split my 60 minutes today this:
15 minute mini lesson
35-40 minutes to write
5-10 minutes to share

Then we build our stamina to write or work for 40 minutes, similar to daily 5.  It is key to keep my mini lesson under 15 minutes, so I write my writing plans in my writing notebook, not my plan book.  This allows me to know exactly what is happening during each block of writing. I love using this template to help me plan each day/week/month...
Click Here for free printable
I find that having a reliable structure helps my students learn to maximize their time as a writer. In my next few posts, I am going to break down 
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